Ice rinks to rent

It is an excellent offer for companies, municipalities, shopping centers, for every institution eager to diversify their customers and residents in winter-holiday season

The ice rink is set at an express pace and its dimensions are adapted to individual needs. It may be a city market, a sports field, a car park, etc.

  • We guarantee the ice layer to maintain up to temperature of + 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Professional service makes users love this type of recreation.
  • The scope of work includes: assembly of ice rink, lighting, rental of ice resurfacer, providing sound system. Wooden chalets operating as changing rooms and skate rental and other facilities.
  • The whole construction is done with a great attention to esthetics and to highlight the climate of winter
  • We also provide a quick disassembly of the ice rink after the period of service and we restored the place to the original appearance.
  • For the needs of the customers we can take care of the organization of accompanying events such as:
    • disco on ice,
    • masters skating show
    • games for children
    • skating instructor support.