In our offer of construction of permanent ice rinks you will find:

  • Cooling engine for large refrigeration systems, which are the most modern in the world, economical and efficient
  • Professional bands fulfilling the latest regulations of the International Ice Hockey Federation
  • Professional Zamboni ice machine, run on fluel gas and electricity

We offer comprehensive design and construction of sports facilities.

Our ice rinks represent the most modern technical solutions in Europe.

  • adjustable cooling capacity controlled by the load of the heat plate
  • Cold recovery system from snow removed during maintenance
  • system of total heat recovery pumped from the plate
  • Minimum amount of refrigerant: twenty kilograms of freon or twelve kilograms of ammonia for a full size ice hockey rink
  • Concrete ice rink made without cutting joints
  • laser-cut ice layer thickness
  • Guaranteed smoothness of the surface
  • perfectly white ice

Want to install an ice rink?

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