Our company is the only representative of Vepe vepehockey.com in Poland.

Vepe is one of the few companies in the world that produces professional hockey boards. These bands are of the highest quality and meet the rigorous standards of the World Hockey Federation (IIHF), stand out from the competition in terms of quality, flexibility and aesthetics.

VAPE hockey boards

the production of the bands takes place in a factory in Finland, we use the best materials for this, and each element is tailor-made. Quality control ensures that our product is easy to install and the need for maintenance and repair is minimal. Both planning and production are under strict control of each step and help to maintain consistent quality. Our factory was established in 1934 and we are a trusted producer of hockey boards, we only use raw materials from trusted European suppliers, which ensures quality at a constant, high level.. Vepe has designed, manufactured and delivered over 2,000 hockey bands and related products to countries around the world.

Vepe hockey bands lines:

  • Beta Flexi Board
  • Zeta Flexi Board
  • Vepe Epsilon

are modern, flexible hockey boards. We have managed to improve its flexible properties through the production process and material selection. The basis for planning and production is safety and the highest quality. It is possible to equip the boards with the Vepe RAPIDO quick fastening system, thanks to which, if necessary, you can also quickly install and remove protective panels for the audience without the use of tools. The public protection panels support very flexible and imperceptible, clear strips connecting acrylic or polycarbonate panels. All series of VEPE bands are modern, flexible hockey boards that meet the new requirements of the IIHF regulations.


Vepe has launched unprecedented HOCKEY BANDS that the whole world has not seen before. Vepe Beta NextGen takes the existing standards of flexible bands to a whole new level, allowing the installation of LED screens to the entire band set. The new screens offer tremendous new potential in terms of visual effects, and also change the whole way advertisements are placed on the bands. Compared to static advertising prints, videos and constantly changing content make it possible to use different content both in advertising and in the game itself. In addition, band screens support other effects in the multi-functional arena, thus enhancing targeted content tailored to a specific event only for that audience and the moment for which it is intended. This solution transforms the activities of advertisers, clubs and organizations and brings added value to all parties. They meet the new requirements of the IIHF regulations.